Here at Shimmering Edge we pride ourselves in customer service. This is why we started our pick-up and delivery, customer consultation knife sharpening service. Thank You for Dropping By!

To arrange a pickup call (303) 498-9246 or click on the email link For pricing and an order form see the pricing section.

I often get the question, “How long will my knife stay sharp?”. There are many factors that make a knife go dull and it is this question that made me realize to truly create a satisfied customer I needed to teach my customers how to keep their knife sharp and inform them on as many of the uses and habits that make their knives go dull and uses and habits that prolong the life of a sharp knife.

Knife sharpening is a skill. There are many ways to sharpen a knife, but most people are not skilled enough to put the proper angle on their knife. We exclusively use the Wicked Edge knife sharpening system and go great lengths to ensure that your knife is sharpened with the correct angle on both sides of the knife.

We pick up and deliver in Boulder Colorado. This is a very important part of our service. We know that everybody's time is precious and part of our goal is to make our customers lives a little bit easier.

We know that most of us have those two or three knives we love as our go to kitchen cutlery. This is why we will supply one sharp loaner knife upon request as part of our customer service as long as we have them available. We want our customer to always be sharpening with a knife they enjoy to cook with.

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Pick-up and Delivery
For the Holidays Free
Knife Consultation
Consultation on knife care, storage and how to keep your knife sharp longer. Free
Initial Sharpening
Blades Up to 4 inches $5
Blades 4 to 7.99 Inches $7
Blades 8 to 9.99 Inches $9
Blades 10 to 14 Inches $11
Additional blades for folding knives $3
Tune-up Sharpening
Blades Up to 4 inches $4
Blades 4 to 7.99 Inches $5
Blades 8 to 9.99 Inches $7
Blades 10 to 14 Inch $9
Additional blades for folding knives $2
Additional Services
Serrated Knives add $5
Broken or Bent Tips or Chipped Edge Repair $1 to $4
Blade Re-profile due to severe damage $2 to $8
Handle Restoration $1 to $4
Blade Restoration $1 to $10